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Bush Jelly will not last long in your pantry! Tasmanian pepperberry adds fruity richness while native lemon myrtle is just soo lemony!

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Curiously our Bush Jelly barely made the cut when we were developing new products in 2017.  It was kind of difficult to make on a larger scale!  But make it we did. And our efforts were well rewarded.  It won THREE awards at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards and Best in Sweet Preserve category at Australian Fine Food Awards! The most accolades of any of our products!

Bush Jelly is a taste of the Australian bush itself!

Bush jelly is a trio of Tasmanian quince, pepperberry and lemon myrtle.  Pepperberry is from Tasmanian temperate rainforests and is harvested by yours truly.  It adds richness, complexity and a vibrant red colour to the quince jelly.  Australian native Lemon myrtle makes this jelly oooh sooo lemony!

Quinces come from backyards around Hobart through our own urban harvest project. You can’t get more local than that.  Every home gardener knows – home grown is better.

We seriously doubt that Bush Jelly will last long in your pantry

It is such a versatile product.  Use it like you would cranberry jelly – the crisp fresh flavour cuts through cold meats beautifully, or adds a fragrant fresh dimension to a ham glaze.  Stir it through yogurt, porridge, desserts, use in a marinade base or mix it into a salad dressing.

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