Australian Native Ingredients

Are you tired of traditional rosemary, black pepper and basil? Try Australian Native herbs & spices such as Kunzea, Tasmanian Mountain Pepper and Lemon Myrtle to spice up your culinary experience!

Australian native foods are on the rise both at home and abroad.   Spices such as Pepperberry and Kunzea, long known to indigenous Tasmanians, are beginning to appear in leading restaurants all around the world.

Australian native ingrediens are valued by chefs for their exquisite new flavors and aromas.

Bush spices are also increasingly recognised for their superior nutritional qualities and versatility of use.  It is perhaps surprising that they are not a staple in every Australian kitchen!

At Wild Pepper Isle we want to raise awareness of these fantastic flavors and bring a little piece of the Tasmanian wilderness into kitchens throughout Australia.