Roasted ground wattleseed has a beautiful nutty, mild coffee flavour and aroma that allows for a diverse use in the kitchen.

It lends itself well to both sweet and savoury dishes as described below.

  • Delicious when used to flavour chocolate, cheesecakes, icecream or other desserts.
  • Try using it in a satay sauce!
  • A great savoury spice to use in casseroles, sprinkled over roast meat or vegetables
  • It can be mixed with regular coffee or chai for a flavour boost.
  • Aboriginals used wattle seed to make a type of flour.
  • And on that note, it is perfect for baking. We often throw in a teaspoon of wattleseed and mountain pepper leaf or kunzea¬†every time we bake a loaf of bread.
  • Our Award winning Slatherin Sauce heavily features wattle seed as a key ingredient.


Health Benefits of wattleseed

Wattleseed contains potassium, calcium, iron and zinc in fairly high concentrations, as well as high amounts of fibre (over 30%). With a low glycemic index, it is good for diabetics, providing a steady stream of sugars that do not produce sudden rises in blood glucose levels.

Wattleseed Nutritional Information (per 100gm)

Energy 1590kJ/ 379 Cal
Protein 20.3gm
Total Fat 4.0gm
-Saturated Fat 2.4gm
Carbohydrate 66.0gm
-sugar 2.5gm
Dietary Fibre 54.2gm
Sodium 90.0mg
Gluten 0.0mg