Pepperberry cocktails

Pepperberry Peppatini anyone? How about a Purple Mojo? Or a Sangria Peligroso? These are some of our favorite pepperberry cocktails using our own Pepperberry Syrup.  Of course we have non-alcohol recipes too, such as our Tarkine Sun Tea (someone has to drive right?).

Corinne likes to add a splash into her G&T whereas Chris justs adds a splash of it to his dry cider.

Don’t be limited to our suggestions. Mix your own bush pepper wonders and concoctions – We’d love to hear about it! Tag us @wildpepperisle on Instagram or Facebook!

Tasmanian Pepperberry Cocktails

Pepperberry cocktails bite!

Pepperberry syrup imparts fruitiness, bush aromas, and a distinctive spicy bite to drinks and cocktails. Its fresh aromatics lends itself beautiful to gin style cocktails. It is a building and lingering heat that is unique to pepperberry.




Peppatini is a pepperberry twist on a classic Martini recipe. Try out our recipe and let us know what you think. 1 part Tasmanian gin 1 part Sweet Vermouth Bite of Pepperberry Syrup Dash of bitters Peppatini is the elixir of contemplation Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice.  Stir well. Strain into… Continue reading Peppatini

Nicey Spicy Pepper Milkshake

Pepper milkshake

You wouldn’t think pepper and milk go together, but they really do in this Pepper Milkshake! Indulge yourself in this creamy rich and fruity treat. 1 part Vodka 1 part Pepperberry Syrup Wholemilk or cream Whipped cream Ice cream (optional) Pinch of ground dried pepperberry   Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice Strain… Continue reading Nicey Spicy Pepper Milkshake

Tarkine Sun Tea

Tarkine Sun Tea

Tarkine Sun Tea is a non-alcoholic refreshing summer drink. I like to make it up in a 2 L jug that I keep in the fridge on hot summer days. 1 part Pepperberry Syrup 9 parts water Or soda water Sliced citrus fruit, cucumber and mint Lots of ice Tarkine Sun Tea is a refreshing health… Continue reading Tarkine Sun Tea

Sangria Peligroso

Sangria peligroso Tasmanian pepperberry cocktail

Got friends coming over? This Sangria Peligroso is a great drink for sharing! Try out this recipe. 1 bottle of Tasmanian pinot noir 1/2 cup of brandy 2 shots Cointreau 4 shots Pepperberry syrup 2-3 cups of soda water Sliced citrus fruit Sangria Peligroso is not just for summer! Turn this drink into a fiery… Continue reading Sangria Peligroso

Purple Mojo

Purple Mojo

Get your Purple Mojo on! Purple Mojo is a mojito. But first… what is a Mojito? What does it mean? It makes sense that since “Mojar” is the Spanish verb for “To wet” Mojito as a noun would mean “Little Wetty’. Another theory is that it stems from the African word of ” Mojo ” which means to… Continue reading Purple Mojo

Picantita Margarita

picantita margarita

Think remote island paradise, white sand, huge granite boulders and not a soul to be seen for miles.  You’re on Wild Pepper Isle and its time for a Picantita Margarita!  Try out this recipe: 1 part Cointreau 2 parts Golden Tequila 1 part Pepperberry syrup 1 part freshly squeezed lime Rim chilled glass with salt… Continue reading Picantita Margarita

Tasmanian Sparkling Spice

Tasmanian sparkling mountain pepper

Classy occasion?  A Tasmanian sparkling wine with a splash of Pepperberry syrup could be what you are looking for! Colourful, playful, classy and a little bit wild! 1 shot Cognac Bite of Pepperberry Syrup Dash or pepperberry bitters (or angostura bitters) Top with a dry Tasmanian sparkling wine Garnish with freeze dried pepperberry Tasmanian Sparkling… Continue reading Tasmanian Sparkling Spice