Pepperberry Products

It’s amazing how many things you can do with pepperberry if you really try.  We have tried. We put it in everything! Our award winning Tasmanian pepperberry products are packed full of our favourite spice and Tasmanian ingredients.

Our Pepperberry Products gives you a taste of Tasmania

Wild Pepper Isle products are all about Tasmania and all about local.  Most of our products include fruit from our very own Urban harvest project, handpicked & organic, right here in Hobart.

Of course we harvest all our pepperberry and other native ingredients ourselves.  Did you know that we are one of the largest harvesters of peppperberry in Tasmania, and therefore the world!?

Our commitment to the highest product quality we can achieve is simple.  We simply follow the maxim: Quality in = Quality out.  We insist on the best quality fruit we can find for our products.  Fortunately that’s not hard to achieve in Tasmania.

Bush Jelly

Bush Jelly

Curiously our Bush Jelly barely made the cut when we were developing new products in 2017.  It was kind of difficult to make on a larger scale!  But make it we did. And our efforts were well rewarded.  It won THREE awards at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards and Best in Sweet Preserve category at Australian… Continue reading Bush Jelly

Peppy Quince Paste

Pepperberry Quince Paste

Peppy Quince Paste is the best quince paste you will ever taste! Fact!  It was our very first product on the market and was snatched up by Bruny Island Cheese in 2015.  It is also our best selling product.  In 2017 it was awarded a Gold medal at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards.  As… Continue reading Peppy Quince Paste

Tasmanian Pepperberry Syrup

Tasmanian Pepperberry Syrup

Our Tasmanian Pepperberry syrup is a sweet syrup of fruit and fire! What makes Dark Peppa products so unique is that it is 100% natural, made from pure pepperberries that we hand pick for their ripeness and spicy qualities. This provides a unique fruitiness that only pepperberries possess. It also means that we can cram it full… Continue reading Tasmanian Pepperberry Syrup

Tassie Forest Pepperberry Dessert Sauce

These indulgent Pepperberry dessert sauces focus on the fruitiness of the Pepperberry flavour & aromatics while provide a slight bite of that characteristic heat. Choose between rich Blackberry or floral Rosehip Pepperberry Dessert Sauce to drizzle over your icecream, cheesecake, sorbets or any dessert that needs a bit of livening up!   Pepperberry Dessert Sauce containing… Continue reading Tassie Forest Pepperberry Dessert Sauce

Slatherin’ Sauce

Slatherin' Sauce

Our Slatherin’ sauce is fair dinkum ocka mate!  Truly Australian!  It has a quince base and contains three different Australian native spices – pepperberry, wattleseed and kunzea.   The result is bonza mate! By which we mean she’s a total ripper!  It has a complex and truly unique bush flavour distinct from any other savoury sauce… Continue reading Slatherin’ Sauce

Tarkine Green Tea

Tasmanian Green Tea

Revitialise your body and mind with this refreshing Tasmanian Green Tea foraged from the Tasmanian wilderness. Locally Sourced: Tea is not normally associated with Australian produce, but there are so many amazing tea ingredients to be found on our doorstep! Only 100% Australian ingredients are used in this refreshing green tea, with over 80% of… Continue reading Tarkine Green Tea

Zing Chai – Pepperberry Tea

Tasmanian Pepperberry Tea Chai

India meets Tasmania to create a deliciously wild, fruity & spicy Chai Masala pepperberry tea with a kick! Pepperberry Tea packed with flavour! As if Chai Masala wasn’t spicy enough we’ve packed it full of native spices for a bit of a Tassie twist! Dried mountain pepperberries give it a sweet, fruity dimension with a… Continue reading Zing Chai – Pepperberry Tea

Forest Infusion: Rosehip Tea

Health Benefits of Pepperberry, Kunzea & Rosehip Tea This pink floral Rosehip tea may look a bit sissy, but it packs a punch! Each ingredient in this 100% Tasmanian tea is sustainably harvested, hand picked, pesticide free & packed full of health benefits. Rosehip Pepperberry Kunzea Ambigua flower & leaf Rosehips Using weeds in your tea? It… Continue reading Forest Infusion: Rosehip Tea

Kunzea & Pepperberry Sea Salt

Pepperberry Sea Salt

When the Mountains meet the Sea:- Kunzea & Pepperberry Sea Salt If you imagine a delicious salty tsunami washed over the mountain rainforests of Tasmania, this is what you get! A salubrious spicy kunzea & pepperberry sea salt saturated with Tasmanian native goodness and with the stimulating flavours and aromas of the Tassie bush! Wait!… Continue reading Kunzea & Pepperberry Sea Salt

Tasmanian Pepperberry Soy Sauce

Abalone Pepperberry soy

Our Pepperberry Soy Sauce uses a light soy to show off the delicate complex layers of the sweet, fresh and spicy layers of the pepperberry. We select the ripest Pepperberries for the soy sauce infusion to give it a light fruity background. Then we pack it full of dried and cracked pepperberry to gives crunchy pockets… Continue reading Tasmanian Pepperberry Soy Sauce

Rose-Anise Jelly

Rose-Anise Jelly

Soft, Delicate Anise Jelly Hand foraged Rosehips, garden grown crab apples & Australian native Anise Myrtle make up this delicate lush Rose-Anise Jelly. Beautifully soft, delicate and aromatic, it is a great accompaniment to meat dishes, desserts or cheese platters.   Tip Try mixing it with a bit of olive oil & salt flakes to… Continue reading Rose-Anise Jelly