Forest Infusion: Rosehip Tea

Health Benefits of Pepperberry, Kunzea & Rosehip Tea

This pink floral Rosehip tea may look a bit sissy, but it packs a punch!

Each ingredient in this 100% Tasmanian tea is sustainably harvested, hand picked, pesticide free & packed full of health benefits.

Kunzea Ambigua flower & leaf


Using weeds in your tea? It may not sound very attractive, but it’s true! Rosehips are invasive weeds that often grow wild along hedgerows and unkempt gardens. We forage these through our Taz Urban Harvest Project, ensuring that we only harvest on pesticide and chemical free properties.

Rosehips are considered an old world cure-all natural remedy for the immune system, skin conditions, arthritis, gout, inflammatory conditions and high cholesterol. Best of all it tastes divine! Soft, delicate and fruity. Health benefits of rosehips

So, despite the horrors of harvesting and processing this prickly itchy fruit, we are bringing this red gem back into the spotlight. With great flavour and heaps of health benefits, it deserves a place in the gourmet food stage!



More anti oxidants than blueberries with demonstrated natural anti-inflammatory properties. Learn more about the health properties here.

Pepperberry gives the tea a slight fruity flavour and aroma and a slight peppery tingle.

Note: The longer you leave the tea steeping the spicier it gets! Probably 1 minute for mild and 5 minutes for burning! Play around with the steeping time until you find what suits you.

Kunzea Ambigua

Recognised by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as providing relief of the pain of arthritis and having relaxing soothing properties. Learn more here

Kunzea flowers & leaves have a honey, thyme, citrus flavour and aroma, with the flowers having a delicious sweet honey fragrance.

Pepperberry kunzea rosehip tea