Tasmanian Pepperberry Syrup

Our Tasmanian Pepperberry syrup is a sweet syrup of fruit and fire!

What makes Dark Peppa products so unique is that it is 100% natural, made from pure pepperberries that we hand pick for their ripeness and spicy qualities. This provides a unique fruitiness that only pepperberries possess. It also means that we can cram it full of the pepperberries natural goodness, including it’s antioxidant and anti inflammatory capacities. It is aromatic, fruity, spicy and REALLY REALLY good!

Of Fruit and Fire

Through an infusion process we are able to concentrate the fruity and aromatic qualities of pepperberry whilst still retaining that distinctive Mountain Pepper bite.  It is a delayed, lingering and building heat that starts after 30 seconds with a tickle of the tonsils, before tingling your entire mouth.  Not for the faint-hearted. It is dark, dangerous and indulgent and it can BITE!

We designed our pepperberry syrup with drinks in mind. It works particularly well with Gin, enhancing the botanicals and complimenting the dryness with a spicy tingle. Check out our Pepperberry cocktail recipes. Corinne loves it in a Purple Mojo whereas Chris just likes to add a splash of it to his dry cider!

And since it’s full of anti-oxidants we can have a second glass guilt free! 😉

It also has good kitchen versatility and can be used in salad dressings, sauces and desserts. Step boldly into the kitchen, splash it about and see what you can create!


The logo features the crafty Black Currawong, a Tasmanian bird who lives on Tasmanian mountain-tops and who share’s our passion for all things pepperberry. Listen to the music of our mountain life during pepper harvest season:


Tasmanian Pepperberry Syrup