Tarkine Green Tea

Revitialise your body and mind with this refreshing Tasmanian Green Tea foraged from the Tasmanian wilderness.

Locally Sourced:

Tea is not normally associated with Australian produce, but there are so many amazing tea ingredients to be found on our doorstep!

Only 100% Australian ingredients are used in this refreshing green tea, with over 80% of the ingredients sourced in Tassie itself!

  • Manuka Leaf harvested from Tasmania’s east coast
  • Mountain Pepper leaves from our Wild Taz orchard
  • Dry Ideas Huon Green Tea. Winner of Tasmania’s Delicious Produce Award and Australia’s oldest pesticide free green tea grower.
  • Lemon Myrtle from Queensland. (Almost local! Unfortunately Lemon Myrtle doesn’t like the Tassie cold!)

Health Benefits:

As well as being delicious, so many health benefits are associated with these amazing Australian ingredients. Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial,  Anti-fungal, anti-oxidant… Don’t believe us! Check it out for yourself!

Buy Tasmanian Green Tea

Our Tarkine Tea is available in 45g pouches or in bulk catering packs.

We also sell the individual herbs so you can experiment making you own tea! Ginger, mint leaves, rosehips… the combinations are endless!

Tarkine Tea