Zing Chai – Pepperberry Tea

India meets Tasmania to create a deliciously wild, fruity & spicy Chai Masala pepperberry tea with a kick!

Pepperberry Tea packed with flavour!

As if Chai Masala wasn’t spicy enough we’ve packed it full of native spices for a bit of a Tassie twist!

Dried mountain pepperberries give it a sweet, fruity dimension with a delayed lingering heat.

Dried mountain pepper leaves give a herbal, green tea quality while adding to the slow warming peppery bite

Aniseed Myrtle gives it a subtle delicate aniseed flavour without being too overpowering.

A bit of a warning though…. leave it steeping for too long and it may become too hot to handle! Play around and see how you go before you go serving it to your poor unsuspecting granny!