When we began Wild Pepper Isle back in 2015 we didn’t have a farm nor a source of pepperberry with which to make our products.  Of course we could have just bought fruit from someone else.  But that would have been far too simple! For us connection to land and place was just as important as producing a great final product.  Great food has a provenance story to tell!

So we went searching for pepperberry on farms in the far north west corner of Tasmania, in the Tarkine.  And thus began Tarkine Pepper.

In the following year 2016 we found ourselves in need of quince to make our Peppy Quince Paste.  Again we could have just bought some from a commercial orchard.  But instead we started Taz Urban Harvest and collected 1.35 tonnes of quince from backyards all around Hobart.

In 2017 we extended Tarkine Pepper to other areas across the state involving a network of farmers and landholders spanning the entire island from west to east.  We broadened the scope of Taz Urban Harvest to include foraged fruits blackberry and rosehip.  Also we made a great start in establishing our own pepperberry orchard at our property in Montrose – formerly the property of Tasmania’s famous bush ranger Martin Cash.

Now at the start of 2018 we feel like we have developed something of a provenance story.  We’re connected to a lot of great places across Tasmania – both wild and urban.  We have developed a lot of great relationships along the way.  And we are making our mark on our historic and heritage listed property in Montrose.  Our products have story’s to tell!